Amagination Studios is an imagination emporium for all of your creative needs. 





    What We Stand For.


Amagination Studios works with and for the community.

Promoting change from a very personal level through:

 compassion, creativity, art, and imagination,





Why You Should Hire Our Team


We will take your business just as seriously as we do our own.

  We are out of the box creative thinkers working with you every step of the way to make 

your experience as pleasurable as possible.           


 Amaginations Studios' main focus is through education.

Offering classes and workshops to children, teens and 

adults with any level of creative experience seeking to explore and

develop their creativity and artistic expression. 


We are also skilled in working with all spectrums of neurally diverse mindsets.  

Creating a fun, safe, nurturing environment where process, exploration,

curiosity and imagination are cultivated and encouraged.



Some the benefits from learning through Amagination Studios may include: 


Begin to understand yourself and those around you

 Enhances your quality of life

See the world with a whole new curiosity  

Learn new skills  while making new friends

Learn to live a creative life 

Learn to love life again!




Who could benefit: 





Senior Living Facilities 

The Neurally Diverse Community 


Rehab and Recovery Programs:

People who suffer from mental health issues




Anyone with an eager curious mind that has a strong desire to grow as an individual.

Amagination Studios is beneficial to all ages, races, and genders.  If you are human, then you are welcome.