As the Ladybird Jenkins project gets closer and closer to being in full development. I like to keep track of the progress and keep viewers up to date on the current happenings. I have added a character concepts page so any followers of the project can get a snapshot visual of the world that we are building. So as I work at getting the character design down on paper I will post the updates here as well. This not only helps me be accountable for the progress but allows the viewer to follow along during this crazy process! 





Meet Ladybird Jenkins: 

Ladybird is the main character in the story. She is well educated, curious, and loves adventure. Being an educator by trade, knowledge is important to her. Her current passion in life is preserving as much of that knowledge that she can all throughout time and space to get a factual account of what has taken place. In she travels through time and space to do just that. 




Meet Professor Vulpes: 


Professor Vulpes is another original character created by me as a companion to Ladybird Jenkins as she travels throughout time to provide comic relief. He like, Ladybird is a professor and they had actually met while they were at the university. Professor Vulpes specializes in cartography ( the making of maps) and teaches geography. Which as you can see can be extremely helpful on their voyages. Little trivia. Vulpes... is the Latin word for fox and now you know. 





Meet Edward Tompson

Edward Tompson is our ship's engineer. I cannot take credit for the making of Edward as he belongs to our one and only Nathan Taulbee. If you recall, I mentioned that I am working alongside two members from The Hive. The Hive is a group for all spectrums of the Autistic community to gather and learn life skills. This project is a contribution to the teaching of life and social skills to the neurally diverse community. Nathan is 25 years old and has been diagnosed with autism. Nathan's character Edward is much like my character Ladybird Jenkins in that they represent a deeper part and extension of ourselves and who we would like to be. Edward is another core character as the ship's engineer is a very important part of the mission!