"A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories,

and relationships that, taken together,

account for a consumer’s decision to choose one

product or service over another.

If the consumer (whether it’s a business, a buyer,

a voter, or a donor) doesn’t pay a premium,

make a selection, or spread the word, then no

brand value exists for that consumer." 




 A brand is much more than a logo, color scheme, or name. 

Your brand is what the outside world feels about your business.

When a person thinks about a particular product or service,

the idea that comes into their mind or the feeling they have is your brand.

A brand should be consistent and strongly felt at every touchpoint of your business.


Developing your brand can be tough.

The best place to start is to ask yourself this question –

how do you want the world to think and feel about your business?

Then work backward to map out a step-by-step plan to build your brand.



What is branding?


Branding is a method that businesses use to actively shape their identity.

As a business, branding can help you present yourself to the world.

Helping by adding meaning to your products and services.




Why is branding important for your business?


Builds trust

Builds confidence

Boosts customer loyalty


 It tells your company’s story

Larger identity and recognition

 It helps you reach like-minded people







- Starting at $3,200 -







This includes any identifiable company logos; your primary logo,

any secondary logos, custom marks, and/or brand icons.




This includes custom color palettes, typography styling, font pairings, and hierarchy,

color usage guidelines, and any other details that define the tone and mood of your brand.




This can be custom brand patterns or textures, custom illustrations, or additional brand imagery such

as stock photography consulting/curation or custom brand photography consulting to aid in brand recognition.




Any items to assist in your brand’s marketing through the use of printed items;

business cards, brand stationery, packaging, signage, or other physical merchandise.




Any items to assist in your brand’s marketing via digital platforms such as social media, online directories, email marketing, and other online advertising; social media graphics, social media templates, profile and cover photos, email marketing templates, and beyond.




A custom brand style guide complete with all brand standards (typography, color codes, usage guidelines,

and styling notes) to help keep your brand usage consistent and on-brand.







Our Process is why it works.


Our branding packages are designed to provide you with the perfect foundation to meet

your immediate design needs while providing you with the right tools and resources

to support your brand as your business continues to grow.


All brand design projects take between 4 – 12 weeks to complete

(completely dependent upon client response time and project scope.)



Our Brand Package Design Process:










We work hand-in-hand with our clients through every phase of the design process

to develop authentic brand identities and deliver engaging virtual experiences.

From concept through completion, we provide an organized framework of support,

guidance, and experience to help you create a brand worthy of the value that your business provides.






How much does it cost to work with you?


Every project is unique, so we always like to schedule an introduction call to meet and discuss in detail your unique

design needs, and business goals, and see if we are the right team for you. Then we’ll create a custom project proposal and quote unique to you and your project.


What is included in each package?


All of our brand packages include a set number of logo designs, collateral items, and social media items.

You can expand upon our starting package in order to create the perfect brand package for your business.


What files are included in each brand package?


All final logo designs come in all popular file formats, including JPG, PDF, PNG, AI, EPS, and SVG files.

Depending on your specific package additional files may be included for your brand collateral items.


Are the files editable?


All final logo designs, business cards, and social media graphics will be finalized set pieces (not editable).

Some package add-ons come with brand collateral items that will include editable files – those will always

be notated in your project proposal. You can also purchase original design files for an additional charge of $75/file.


Who orders my business cards?

You are responsible for ordering any printing of your brand collateral items including business cards, stationery, stickers, etc…

but we are happy to assist you in placing these orders at the end of your project if you would like our assistance.



How will I receive my final files?


You will receive your digital design files and images in all popular file formats in a shared Dropbox

folder for easy download at the completion of your project.



How much work do I have to do upfront before my project?


Every brand package includes one Brand Questionnaire and a Pinterest Inspiration Moodboard that must be

completed by you by the Monday before your project start date.



What do I need to have ready by my project start date?


Be sure to have your professional email address, professional phone number (if relevant), and any other contact

information or marketing media such as brand photography or headshots prepared before our design start date.



Do you provide the photography and the headshots?


For an additional price professional photographers can be sent on location to work with your business to

create the perfect portfolio for all your business needs.




Branding Questionnaire