Mission Statement:   

To create, inspire and educate providing compassionate

artistic training and opportunities to the local community.






One of the hardest things for me to do is talk about myself.  I silently strive to be better and do better every day, for myself and my clients.  Still, there comes that day as an artist when you can no longer sit idly on the sidelines and watch the world go by.  If I want to contribute, if I want to be my best and my art to be relevant, then I have to stand up and be seen, maybe even stand up and shout.

Art has always been a part of my life.  As most artists have found, I have always been able to find friendship through it.  Art is dependable, always providing a way for me to interact with the world and with the people in it.   When I choose, I can dive into the world of my imagination and get lost for hours.   Growing up, I had aspirations of being an author and illustrator of children's books.  I toyed with being a medical illustrator for a long time but instead, I opted for a fast track out of the small country town in Ohio where I lived and joined the US Air Force becoming a B1-Bomber aircraft mechanic. My world of imaginative play and hours of drawing was swiftly gone, leaving only whispers of the childhood aspirations that I had once entertained.   

Lifetimes pass by us in a flash.  Writing this now, I look back and am very grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me within my life, the good ones and even those that have been less so. I have proudly served my country well. I have also served my family well, proudly raising two beautiful boys, while being married for almost two decades. As fulfilling as those roles have been, it hasn’t always been easy watching everyone move forward while feeling I was frozen in time, limited to my role as a housewife. 

Deciding that I needed and wanted more in my life, I decided to go to college at the age of 28.  It was very hard, being a full-time mom of two and a spouse, but I did it, receiving my BFA in Photography at the Art Academy of San Francisco.  Additionally, I have decided to do it again and have begun work to get my Master's in Visual Development at my alma mater.





My life as a photographer has been blissfully successful.  I have been published internationally and my talents have been recognized through my work. This alone was fulfilling, but I found that I still needed more.

After several years of leading workshops and teaching classes, depending on others to supply me with work,  I took the leap of faith in my abilities and opened my own studio, Amagination Studios. There I can have the creative freedom to work on my own projects, bring in my own clients, and pave my own niche in the creative industry. Through Amagination Studios, I have worked with many wonderful people and companies over the years and look forward to many more years of service to my community!








Amagination Studios is much more than an art studio.  It is a chance for me to give back to the community through my artistic gifts and skills.  I find great joy in helping individuals find themselves through the many creative outlets and mediums in which I have been trained.  It inspires me to be able to introduce customers who have not had a lot of experience with artistic mediums to explore and play in a safe environment. 

Individuals at an intermediate level already know what they enjoy doing.  They can use the studio space and the materials within it at their leisure with whatever level of instruction is needed from me.  Additionally, instruction in new mediums is available at this level.

If you are a company or an individual in need of artistic direction or conceptual visual development, this is where I shine, bringing your project ideas home from start to finish. I thoroughly enjoy helping you bring your ideas to life! 

My passion has led me down avenues beyond what I could have ever imagined. One of my loves is working with neurally diverse communities, especially higher functioning autism. Valuing the different ways of seeing the world and communicating within it, I bring opportunities for social development through shared artistic opportunities. I also help equip individuals with skills necessary for the workplace,  understanding that jumping into the workforce can be a significant challenge. Offering job training in an artistic environment is less stressful than in other settings and allows for significant growth in less time.  I work at the pace of the individual, creating appropriate responsibilities and modeling communication skills needed in various job settings.

A passion project that merges gaming, imagination, and storytelling, is currently underway under the Made By Geeks For Geeks section of this website.  While working on a project, a person can learn special skills like graphic design, illustration, and photoshop, as well as time management and communication skills.  Confidence is built by working on a team that is made up of myself and other neurally diverse individuals in the community. 

Under Seven Counties Services, I am an experienced Direct Support Provider (DSP) offering goals development through Community Living Support (CLS). 





If you have any further questions about the services offered at Amagination Studio, feel free to contact me to see if this is the right fit for you or someone you know.