At our art studio, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore their creativity and express themselves through art. However, we also understand that not everyone has the financial means to attend art classes and access the materials and equipment they need to create. That's why we're excited to introduce our new 'Sponsor-A-Seat' program.

The 'Sponsor-A-Seat' program allows individuals or organizations to donate a specific amount to cover the cost of a child's seat in the studio. This donation will go towards covering the cost of the child's materials, equipment, and classes, and allowing them to have equal opportunities to learn and grow just like the other students.


Donors can sponsor a seat for

$50 a month,

$100 per quarter,

or $500 per year.


They can sponsor a seat for a specific child or for a child in general.


We also created a platform that allows donors to track the progress of the child they sponsored, through pictures, videos, and feedback from the instructors, this would help to create a more personal connection between the donors and the children they are helping.


We believe that this program not only helps children in our community to access art education but also provides a way for community members to support our art studio and make a direct impact on the lives of children in their community.

In recognition of their generosity, we will be displaying the names of our donors on a plaque or a board at the studio and on our website, and we also invite them to a special event where they can meet the child they sponsored.



We believe that art has the power to change lives,

and we're grateful for the support of our community in making

that happen. With the 'Sponsor-A-Seat' program, we can help even

more children in our community to explore their creativity and

express themselves through art. Thank you for your support!"







Eligibility Criteria


  1. Age: The child must be between 5 and 18 years old.

  2. Residency: The child must be a resident of Spencer County.

  3. Financial need: The child's family must demonstrate financial need.

  4. Enrollment status: The child must be currently enrolled in a school or educational program.

  5. Attendance: The child must have a consistent attendance record at the art studio, missing no more than 2 classes a month

  6. Behavior: The child must have a good behavior record and follow all studio rules and guidelines.

  7. Commitment: The child and the parent or guardian must commit to attending classes regularly, and completing the program.

  8. Diversity: The program will strive to be inclusive and provide equal opportunities to children from diverse backgrounds.